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MamaBaby Transitions holds the  highest regard for the physical, emotional and psychological connections that are made between mama and baby, throughout pregnancy, during birth and postpartum. During pregnancy, mama and baby grow independently and still they are very interdependent. Mama physically supports the baby in a way that only a pregnancy can, while baby prepares mama’s body for birth and the critical nurturing required for survival. It is an amazing, time honored process. Birth is to be honored. However, there are challenges!

Despite all the our planning a preparation, birth has a way of presenting unexpected challenges.

To further complicate matters, when there is a gap in mama’s expectations regarding her (medical) care, a birth can become an adversarial and traumatizing experience. Also while birthing is a normal process, it’s difficult to imagine the intensity of labor before labor begins. Stepping out of the books and typical modern day birth practices and then entering Labor Land requires a huge leap of faith. Finally, if and when intervention is requested or required, there is often a sense of regret or shame by mama and her peers.


The good news is that it’s been recognized by birth workers today, that it is the intention and thoughtful support that makes birth a more memorable experience, not necessarily how fast a labor progresses, medications, interventions, or the place of birth. The best birth is a thoughtful birth. 


Pamm supports all birth choices with intention and compassion. She supports Informed Consent; birth at home, hospital or birth center. Pamm has the personal experience of hospital birth resulting in an unplanned cesarean and later a VBAC at home. She promises to make every effort to be completely present and supportive, no matter how your labor unfolds. Let Pamm support your birth adventure, first or fifth baby, vaginal birth-with or without medications, planned or unplanned Cesarean or VBAC.                                                                          All birth is good, all birth is challenging and all birth is celebratory.


Doula Pamm offers these 2 thoughtful birth services to meet your unique needs:


Super Simple Silver Birth Package 

  • Calm & Confident Birth Education or Refresher Sessions-required

  • Accompaniment to a prenatal appointment with your midwife or doctor

  • Breastfeeding Education and Support-optional

  • 100% Labor Support

  • 2 Postpartum Visits with one-time Meal Support

  • Fee: $1200


The Platinum Birth Postpartum Care Package

  • Prenatal appointments with access to my lending library and community resources 

  • Calm & Confident Birth Education

  • Accompaniment to a prenatal appointment with your midwife or doctor

  • Hospital/Birth Center Tour or Meet & Greet the Midwife appointment

  • 100% labor support

  • First Night Home-over night mama mentoring

  • 40 hours of Doula Care (day or night)

  • Fee $3500



Plan a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) with expert support and birth planning. Pamm will empower you to experience your labor with confidence and anticipation, and utilize all the tricks of the laboring trade! Remember, we can’t know how your labor will unfold, but we definitely can minimize your cesarean risks.

Cesarean Birth

If you require a cesarean or are planning a cesarean birth, don’t let a cesarean birth take the excitement and enthusiasm that comes with the planning and welcoming of your new baby. I am absolutely committed to your birth plan and honor your choices. You deserve the same support and dignity that any new MamaBaby does, with a scoop of extra consideration during your postpartum recovery. 


If you are planning a Cesarean Birth, I offer:

  • Accompaniment to a prenatal appointment and hospital tour

  • Birth planning and consultation

  • Accompaniment to your birth, supporting you or your family members

  • Immediate hospital Postpartum Support

  • Breastfeeding education and support

  • 4 visits of Postpartum Care at home


Fee: $500 for scheduled  Cesarean

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