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Dear Partners,


This is a special message from me to you! Some partners are right at home amidst prenatal appointments, taking the leadership role providing labor support or even catching their baby, and then they get busy diapering, swaddling and wearing their baby. Others are not so comfortable. They prefer to sit on the sidelines, and they sense that birth and the early weeks are strictly mom's work. Most are somewhere in between! My commitment to you is to nurture your abilities and honor the relationship that you bring to this exciting experience and new life.


My message to you… No matter where you are on the spectrum of participation, you bring an energy into the experience that is to be respected and valued. Your role as protector, soul mate and participant is unique, individual and one of a kind. I promise to give guidance using my experience, education and sometimes intuition, honoring you and your needs too.

Community contacts; my understanding of the nuances of hospital, birth center and homebirth venues; my understanding of the language of pregnancy, labor and postpartum (or the "fourth trimester" as some say); my passion for promoting the safest birth possible; and my ability to redirect expectations if necessary are just some of what I have to offer you. Managing the discomforts and reducing length of labors, promoting the most positive bonding and breastfeeding experiences and newborn care (with all the coos, cuddles and cries) is where my expertise lies. I am truly committed to serve.


Hoping to meet you soon!

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