Blue, Anxious or Tearful?

The days when women are left to suffer alone are over! You have support everywhere with Facebook pages, 24-hour warm lines, websites, counseling centers, midwives, medications, doctors, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, alternative healing modes and me, a postpartum doula!

Why am is Pamm so crazy committed? Because her daughter suffered with prenatal and postpartum anxiety and depression with all four of her children. It would creep up on her during the very early morning hours. During the last trimester, her daughter would pace, cry and worry with very intense anxiety. Finally, out of a sense of frustration and hopelessness for her, Pamm had to do something different. Together with her daughter, they  started a journey of recovery by connecting with professionals throughout the state, looking for any assistance they could find.  

And it worked...and it can work for you too, but you have to be able to step out

of your dark place and ask for help. It's ok, it’s out there. Take a look at our local resources. Come to New Mamas New Friends support group, Get support! It’s free. I have book lists too.

Don’t despair. You aren’t alone. Really, you aren’t. Click here to get the most current information on Prenatal and Postpartum Depression. Click here to learn about Prenatal and Postpartum Anxiety.

It’s worth the time. You and your family are worth the time. It’s never easy, but there is help - I promise.

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