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Pamm is thrilled to share her knowledge, expertise and passion with you. Some of the workshops and sessions are the first of their kind. Sh offers you current, evidence based information laced with new mothering skills, while enhancing your MamaBaby connection. You will be inspired to be the best parent you ever envisioned! Supplies and community resources always aplenty! 

Classes are primarily located in Camarillo or Ventura. Some can be scheduled in your own home, at your convenience. Please pre-register here or call 805-258-9225 or email DoulaPamm@gmail.com. Fees are generally due prior to each scheduled workshop or class, however last minute registrations or remaining fees are acceptable at the beginning of a workshop or class.  


Occasionally classes are rescheduled or canceled. Be sure to make contact now to express your interest and/or confirm your space.


Please expect continued contact as the class or workshop approaches. There be outlines, instructions or  insights to ensure your readiness and comfort.


Come alone or with your co-parent or baby’s caretaker. No toddlers or preschoolers please, unless we meet in your home with appropriate childcare. Infants are always welcome. I can’t wait to meet you and your family.

We adhere to all COVID-19 health and safety guidelines as provided by the CDC, including limited class size and open and/or outdoor spaces.

Classes & Workshops

FREE Consult- 

Dessert with a Doula!

If don't know exactly what a Doula does and you have questions, if you are still waiting for your baby or have a baby in your arms and need information on baby gear, safety and nursery set-up, let's meet for dessert


Pamm can prepare and help you prioritize your needs in a way that makes sense for you and your family. Birth preparation and  resources will help ease your concerns. After birth-optimal healing and recovery, baby gear, breastfeeding and/or formula feeding; we can discuss options. Rarely will a birth class, an ObGyn, or a pediatrician address the personal challenges of pregnancy, birth or postpartum. Simple tasks like showering, meal prep, grocery shopping or laundry can feel impossible...and returning to work. OMG! But you can do it with the right sort of support.

You are on a huge learning curve, first or fifth baby. Your life will be laced with moments of elation, exhaustion and hormones! And no two mamababy duos are alike. So let's talk about your  individual concerns. Pamm can help. With just a few nuggets of good information and a few community resources,  your quality of  life can increase 100 fold!


Call to schedule dessert! Remember, it's FREE. Evenings, weekends and some daytime availability.


Consultations and workshops 

The Biology of Infant Sleep 0-6 Months

If you are bewildered and exhausted, I can help. If you want to be ready for the relaity of newborn parenting I can help. Learn 20 Things about Newborn Sleep and understand the importance of behavioral cues, 3 sorts of newborn sleep and sleep cycles. Get newborn sleep requirements. Get tools to extend naps, when and how to initiate bedtime routines and the reality of sleep schedules in relation to developmental issues. Address common misconceptions about "sleeping through the night" and managing your own expectations.

About your self care...getting past survival mode, how to address well meaning advice, sleep training books and philosophies. Get current safety sleep standards and SIDs prevention. Get reading resources and continued sleep education for babies and toddlers.


 Fee: $50/family. Infants welcome of course, parents and  caretakers too. 

More dates to be announced.

Breastfeeding: The Early Days

Personalized Breastfeeding Workshop In Your Home, At Your Convenience


This visit is chalked full of "milk making" information. If you need support, before or after birth,  If suspect a problem or of you are going back to work, Pamm can help!  Great community resources and referrals too.

Am I enough? How will I know? He fusses...he’s so gassy. I’m sooo sore” are typical concerns new for new mamas and family members. Learn about breast milk production, baby's position and latch, gear and gadgets, breastfeeding in public, alcohol and meds...so much more. I will address pumping and prepare you with strategies and realistic expectations. This 2 hour session is the real deal, taught by a real CLEC, me! Workbooks, DVDs included. Caretakers advised to participate and are more than welcome.


Location: Your home
Fee: $60 with possible transportation fee 

Call 805-258-9225 for most immediate response.

Infant Massage: 4-week SeriesInfant Massage Circle and Individual Sessions

Infant Massage and Baby's First Months: 4-week series

Turn your phones off, never mind the door or your email. Get a moment with your baby without distractions of day-to-day life. Learn infant/Baby massage. Practice techniques and understand benefits. This class also provides a safe place to share your concerns and gain parenting insights. Learn baby psychology. Discussions on your new postpartum normal, sleep strategies for you and baby, developmental milestones and parenting challenges will be addressed in a sensitive manner. 

Babies as young as three weeks, sitting babies, and slow crawlers are welcome. Siblings over seven years of age, co-parents and caretakers are invited the last session of the series.

Fee: $95 per series. Pre-registration preferred, click here to do so. Late registrations acceptable with a text. Expect an email after registration with more specific info; oils, what to bring and wear for you and baby etc.

Upcoming Series Starts: September 15. These dates may be subject to change. Holidays, make-up sessions and illnesses will be honored.

Location: 5800 Santa Rosa Road, #127, Camarillo CA.

MamaBaby Massage Circle-A one time session with Friends and/or Family  

Bring your friends together in your home or chosen location. Materials and oil provided. Two hour session. Practice strokes, nap and feed your baby/ You will leave this workshop with the tools to massage your baby with confidence. Evenings, weekends are perfect! Fee is dependent upon number of participants and location. Email DoulaPamm@gmail.com to discuss your needs and options.

An "Individual MamaBaby Session"

This is great for exploring toddlers and busy babies. You choose the time, in the privacy of your own home. Materials, oil provided. Make it a family occasion with co-parents, caretakers and siblings. 90 minute session. Fee: $50 and transportation fee. Email DoulaPamm@gmail.com to schedule your session.

Infant Massage: What Every Doula, NCS and Nanny Needs to Know About Infant Massage: A Workshop for Birth and Postpartum Professionals

This workshop goes beyond the basics, the books and Youtube videos. As an attendee of this workshop you will receive a thorough explanation of infant massage, including its benefits and the many ways it’s utilized for optimal relaxation, tummy distress and teething. 


You will learn:

  • How to approach an infant’s physical discomforts

  • The connection between an infant’s pre- and postnatal sensory and brain development

  • How infants learn in relation to infant massage


Baby’s cues and the MamaBaby connection will of course be respectfully acknowledged and explored. The day will provide many answers to questions you or your clients may have, and it will give you an opportunity to use your trusted relationship with them to teach the simple beauty of infant massage.  This intimate workshop is part lecture, part open discussion and part experiential hands-on 

practice. You will be nurtured and nourished in the same ways you nurture and nourish your families - that is a promise.


Materials and oils will be provided, and a lovely lunch will be served as we begin to build an infant massage community. Please bring a 19-20 inch, soft doll to practice strokes during the day. A weighted doll is ideal if you are seriously intending to model infant massage to your clients.


Your $135 fee is non-refundable, but, if necessary, it can be transferred within the next year. A $25 convenience fee will be applied. Workshops are generally offered once a quarter and will be announced at the closing of the current workshop. 


If you have participated previously and would like to return for a recharge, please do! You are most welcome. Be prepared to participate in the whole workshop (including lunch), share your experience and bring your doll. I am requesting a $25 donation for repeat attendees. If you would like to offer a space and assist with setup for a reduced fee, please email DoulaPamm@gmail.com. 

To register please click here.


“You absolutely need to take this class for the relaxation...to help moms and babies...The instructor is awesome and amazing.”

- Lisa Weldon-CAPPA CPD, Los Angeles, CA


“I would recommend this class to my doula community....Pamm is an excellent instructor with wonderful teaching techniques.”

- Nancy Lewis, CPD, CLEC, LC, Ventura, CA

“This class was spot on...in a calm, relaxing environment...walking away with so much more knowledge and confidence. And of course, bringing that knowledge, confidence and education, to my clients...enjoyable, educational day.”

- Heidi Joline, Nanny, NCS, Family Assistant, 2019 INA Nanny of the Year, Valley Glen, CA

“Very detailed about massaging a newborn.”

- Samantha Miguel, CAPPA CPD, Los Angeles, CA


“...this class has given me a base foundation...an openness and a new respect while caring for a family after birth.”

- Maria Zamura, Career Nanny, NCS in training,  Studio City, CA

“Pamela has an excellent way of teaching infant massage to the most fearful student. There was a complete balance of science and physical hands on...”

- Buffi Gentry, Career Nanny of 30 years, Sylmar, CA

“Pamela is so knowledgeable and passionate about her life’s work.”

- Kate Logsdon, Birth Doula, Ventura, CA

“I recommend this class to anyone who wants to add to their bag of tricks.”

- Stacey Wodin, NCS, Moorpark, CA


“Pamela presents not only the practical techniques of infant massage but also how infant massage affects brain development, the motherbaby connection and everything in between. She balances her authenticity and passion with evidence based theory. Every time I assist, I get more insight that enriches my learning and application of infant massage with my clients.”

- Cathern Hartley, CAPPA CPD, CLC, Infant Sleep Educator, Florida


“This class reinforces the human-ness of infants and babies. Pamm’s appreciation for the motherbaby connection is amazing....way beyond infant massage basics. She promotes respectful communication between mamas and babies and recognizes the personal responsibility and integrity of our role in the birth and postpartum community...”

- Julia Haddix. IBCLC, Postpartum Doula, ICAN Activist, Santa Barbara, CA

Interested in taking a group class or scheduling a private session? Contact me here with any questions, or pre-register directly by visiting my class registration page.

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