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Family life in the military is challenging at best. Deployments and periods of separation can beheartbreaking for a young pregnant bride. A Mama shouldering Dad’s role for 6-10 months, change of residence every 3-4 years is hard work and making a living is hard work and usually without the availability of extended family. 


Single parenthood for both active duty men and women is bittersweet. Nothing makes the heart swell like your proud commitment to the military, except your off spring! A pregnancy, baby’s birth, medical emergencies, day care and family plans…must be balanced with your 24/7 commitment. The next deployment is always on the front burner when you have babies! Breastfeeding, tummy time and teething can be the least of your concerns.


When Dad arrives home after deployment to greet a new baby, he experiences a challenging learning curve. Imagined expectations are rarely realized.

A Return and Reunion has its own issues without learning to live with a new baby, and so adjustment difficulties are always magnified. Step-children, culture clashes and financial concerns may be in the mix with the pressure of military lifestyle.


Having spent 10+ years supporting military families with young children aged 0 to 5, I understand these difficulties. I want to continue and celebrate your endeavors. My services are affordable with flexible payment plans. Every mama deserves a doula! Interested in hiring me as your doula? Contact me here.

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