Nanny Granny Doula

If you have an anniversary date with your partner, a wedding or a weekend getaway you can’t refuse, or if you are without a family friend to provide childcare for your newborn, Doula Pamm would be honored to assist you and your family. She can accompany you to the event or provide you with daytime, nighttime or weekend care for your little one in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Although her duties as a certified CAPPA Postpartum Doula exclude Nanny-Granny services per se, Pamm offers this valuable service as a separate entity from her Doula services.


To ease your mind, I have the following documents in order:   

  • Car insurance  

  • Current CPR certification

  • California state driver’s license

  • Federal and State certified background check


I absolutely appreciate your commitment to your little one and promise to mind your routine and schedule. I practice paced bottle feedings and am comfortable with bottle feeding breast milk or formula. I also practice baby wearing and will not let your baby “cry it out.”  I promise to do my very best to provide kind, nurturing care. 


Date Night: $25 per hour, minimum three hours

Overnight Care: $350 (18 hours, $20 per hour)

Weekend Care $1000 (48 hours in your home and two hours transition time, or 38 hours at $20 an hour) 

If you have not been able to locate that perfect nanny or childcare provider, I am available for intermittent, short-term childcare for your baby. Rates will be discussed prior to our contractual service agreement. Please click for contact Information.

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