Postpartum Doula Care

MamaBaby Transitions honors the postpartum experience by promoting emotional, physical and spiritual wellness through the lens of new motherhood and a newborn's experience. As an expert postpartum doula, Pamm will increase your confidence and empower you to care for your newborn by providing care, education and assistance as you grow into a parenting style that is unique only to you. That being said, with best intentions Pamm offers the most current information on bathing, diapering, wearing, calming/soothing your baby and learning your baby’s cues and cries.

Pamm's credentials and expertise afford her the opportunity to support you in the following ways:


  • Immediate sweet sleep-overnight or daytime hours

  • An individual postpartum recovery plan

  • Infant Psychology 101, Newborn sleep education  

  • Exclusive breastfeeding, breast with bottle feeding and/or formula feeding

  •  Breast pumping and storage

  • Meal preparation 

  • Infant schedules and routines

  • Infant massage

  • Nursery and home organization

  • Intermittent sibling care

  • Traditional Belly Binding

  • Light housekeeping  

  • Local errands

  • Pet and plant feeding 

  • Strategies for you to implement when returning to the workforce 

  • Your rights as a breastfeeding employee

                                                                       “The beginning is the most important.”

I agree with Plato. The beginning is the most important. Enjoying the wonders of your baby while developing your newfound parenting skills sets the tone for your new role! With an amazing skill set, I can be an extraordinary resource for postpartum families of all sorts and sizes offering nurturing, non-judgmental assistance with the best intentions.


My work generally begins immediately after the baby is born, but sometimes...

I am called upon well into the postpartum period, especially if there are physical needs for mama that require bed rest, multiple newborns, a baby with special needs or breast- or bottle-feeding issues. Occasionally I am asked to come into the home during the fifth and sixth week, when newborns typically cry more often and become more difficult to calm. Additionally, mama's support system has usually returned to their own families, which means extra hands can be difficult to find when you need them most. As a postpartum doula, not only am I able to help you with household chores and baby soothing, I can also provide accompaniment to medical appointments and for long distance travel. Though I do not perform medical procedures or give medical advice, I do have an expertise in the mental health field regarding adjustment issues, which may or may not be relatable and useful to postpartum adjustment issues in certain circumstances.

 Choose whats going to work for you and your family! Over night, Day time, Multiples, Travel support services too.


Baby Bronze "First Night Home" Package

  • First Night Home - 12 hours of overnight Doula Care

  • 24 hours of on-going morning or afternoon Doula Care

  • Fee: $1000


The Simple Silver Package

  • You chooses 40, 60, 80 and 100 hours of Doula care 

  • You decide morning or afternoon appointments, every day or every other day, several times a week.

  • Evening, overnight, weekend and holiday availability

  • Fee 25-35$ an hour

The Golden Sweet Sleep Package

  • 10-20 nights of sweet sleep, overnight Doula Care

  • Fee $30 per hour

The Platinum Birth Postpartum Care Package

  • Prenatal appointments with access to my lending library and community resources 

  • Calm & Confident Birth Education

  • Accompaniment to a prenatal appointment with your midwife or doctor

  • 100% labor support

  • First Night Home-over night mama mentoring

  • 40 hours of Doula Care (day or night)

  • Fee $3500


Something Else in Mind?  Let's chat and create a package just for you!
Extended services are always welcomed and may be granted according to availability-day time care, overnight care, travel. 


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