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Many women today are experiencing complications with their pregnancies, bringing many unexpected challenges. Environmental stressors, health hazards, conception difficulties and pre-existing conditions can have a huge effect on pregnancy outcomes. How a woman responds will affect how she views her birth and postpartum experience, and can set a powerful emotional tone as she steps into parenthood. MamaBaby Transitions Prenatal Care can help a pregnant woman work through each of these unexpected challenges and can bring new light to the situation. Encouragement and support that comes second nature to a doula is invaluable to a woman who suddenly has to adjust from a very busy life to the bedside. This specialized support, more common in the UK and Australia, is known as antepartum care, providing care to expecting mamas, usually high risk and on bedrest.

Today, 1 in 5 women are on bedrest. This means there are 700,000 women in your situation. You are not alone! While there is an abundance of medical technology to diagnose and provide treatment, emotional support and how to manage practical issues that come with family, home and employment hardly exist. How does a family function? How will normal everyday tasks like meals, groceries, laundry and tending to family happen? Of course, you want to do your very best for your expected little one but you have to put your loved ones on hold for a few months. Doing so can weigh heavily on a pregnancy, and bedrest itself can be overwhelming and emotionally exhausting! This is where antepartum (prenatal) care helps, as it focuses on you and your family. Together we will create a command post from your bedside so you may relax into gestating with as much ease as possible.      

As you prioritize your tasks, Doula Pamm  can assist in the  following ways:

  • Prepare scrumptious nutritious meals and snacks

  • Intermittent care for siblings

  • Provide light housekeeping and laundry services

  • Accompaniment to appointments

  • Run your local errands

  • Pet maintenance

She will help you explore birth options to create the most optimal birth experience despite your challenges, with a fabulous bonding experience for you and your family. I provide:

  • Extraordinary bedside education on pregnancy, birth and postpartum

  • Reading lists, access to online support and community resources

  • Assistance with your fitness program outlined by your physician

  • Mindful meditation and relaxation techniques

  • Breast, bottle, formula feeding and pumping education

  • Energy-saving nursery organization


It would be my greatest pleasure to support you and your family. Bed rest and high risk pregnancies are challenging but you need not expect a less than positive birth and postpartum experience.  Remember, the best birth is a thoughtful birth!


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