Postpartum Testimonials

“Words can’t begin to express how much deep gratitude we have for you. We could not imagine getting through this first year of Luca’s life without you. You’ve brought us all fun, loving support, knowledge, passion and a deep sense that everything is and was going to be ok. The work you do is profound...we definitely consider you as family and are looking forward to still staying in each other’s lives in a new way for this next chapter. Thank you!”

- Mama Mandee, Daddy Max and Baby Luca Kai

“Thank you so much for all your help, preparing us to take care of Berk. Your knowledge is invaluable! I appreciate all the emotional support and encouragement that you have provided us. It was your presence that allowed me to nap...worth every dollar, believe me. I knew Berk was safe...and Berk napped the best with you too. You saved us. You should write a book. I know we will stay in touch. Bobby, Berkley and I adore you.”

- Mama Savilla, Daddy Bobby and Baby Berkley

It is difficult for me to describe in words how much Pamm has meant to my family during this recent Mama-Baby Transition. I began this journey with my second baby at the age of 41 and reached out to Pamm for guidance and support when baby girl was 10 weeks old. I was exhausted and confused as to why this little thing wasn't at all like my first baby, now a five-year old big boy, a new kindergartner, and a new big brother. Baby girl was awake from the moment she was born and didn't want to miss a thing, morning through night. My body and mind were overextended and I needed someone to experience my day-to-day and to understand my challenges first-hand. Pamm was there by my side, sharing her knowledge and experience, while exploring my situation with a new pair of eyes. She didn't try to stereotype us, fit us into a box or insist on any one approach. She was open-minded, nurturing, flexible and supportive. I faced some health challenges when baby girl was five months old and we needed additional support during the night. Pamm was once again there to support our family, tending to my daughter during the night, so that we could rest. I can't express how comforting it was to know that Pamm would be there and that we were all in good hands. Our visits each morning were a pleasure and a learning experience for us both. Our journey continued until recently when baby girl turned seven months old and we decided to sleep train her. We could not have made it to this place without Pamm's love and support and her true passion for tending to mama and baby (and the whole family) during such a special and often challenging transition. She will remain a very special member of our family!

- Mama Nicole

"Pamm gave us tools to become more confident, calm parents! She came to us when Telly was five weeks old. We had a lot of expectations without much know-how! I was exhausted and frazzled. She immediately simplified our lives. She was most helpful with my nursing experience. She patiently explained all the basics, told me it would be changing and get better, and it did!  Pamm would say, 'It won’t be like this forever - just right now.' She helped us understand our baby’s unique behavioral cues; nursing, sleeping, comforting -even in the car seat. And I napped! She was very positive and shared all sorts of practical information. She helped us navigate through 'babyland' beautifully and our baby loved her from the start."                        

- Mama Elizabeth,  Lincoln and Baby Telly

"When we arrived home with the twins Pamm started immediately. We were incredibly challenged and she stepped in... I don’t know what we would have done without her!"

- Mama Sara, Daddy Josh and their newborn twins

"Pamela definitely has a way with babies but was mindful of my baby and our special connection... She was a huge resource to our family."

- Mama Jenny and Baby Sam

"My mom is the best doula EVER. She has been there for me with all four of my girls, and with each pregnancy I suffered horribly with anxiety and depression, especially with the last two babies. She held my hand during my darkest moments. She doula’d me. She doula’d my family. She supported my new parent skills without judging me, while gently encouraging some changes that would support my emotional stability. Breastfeeding was not an option for us, so my mom showed me how to pace-bottle feed, more similar to breastfeeding, with 100% skin-to-skin contact. Mom encouraged me to do nothing but care for our new baby. She did find support for me, diving into her social work personae, never giving up when I was at my worst. She contacted professionals throughout California, searching for that one nugget of help that would make all the difference, and found it. It was not easy and some days we still struggle, but I gotta say, my mom is the best postpartum doula EVER."

- Mama Marisa and Baby Riley

Birth Testimonial

"I knew nothing. My husband deployed and I was really scared. Pamm and I met several times well before my labor day. She brought DVDs, we practiced labor positions, the breathing, contractions...everything! I felt like I could do this! Pamm gave me confidence to stay home as long as possible and after a couple days of lazy labor, I finally woke to steady contractions. When I arrived at the hospital, I was in good labor and managing pretty well. I called Pamm and when she arrived, I was soaking in the tub. Soon we would meet Luke, this was the day! Pamm was there 100%. When I cried, 'I can’t do this,' she would say, 'You ARE doing this.' I walked, used the shower, all those things we had talked about during classes. She helped me make good choices and talked to the nurses when I couldn’t. The epidural went well, labor progressed normally and Luke came into the world. Pamm stayed with us, turning down the lights so Luke could see me. He looked into my eyes and he was beautiful."

- Mama Eboni and Baby Luke

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Nanny Granny Testimonial

"Pamm comes through for us in many ways. She is so supportive, has great parenting insight and our babies love her! Pamm has a unique way of knowing when to hang back and when to offer her knowledge on whatever situation we may be facing...breastfeeding, naps or setting boundaries. She has become an integral part of our family’s success and sanity.  We trust her implicitly when caring for our little ones and would gladly refer her to our friends and family." 

- Mama Christine , Daddy Vince and Baby Isaac

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