Nothing is more challenging than to finally get into somewhat of a routine with your little one and become suddenly disrupted, returning to work-part or full time, in or out of the home. Although it may be a common occurrence in today’s economy, for you and your family it is a unique set of circumstances that requires a unique conversation.


For some, employment is a blessing and an important contribution to quality family life. For others, it’s a curse that leaves them filled with anxiety and heartfelt angst. For most of us, though, it can be all of the above on any given day! Childcare and sick days, diaper bags, bottle feeding and/or pumping, time clocks and daycare timelines with meals, bath and bedtime routines also in the mix are all adjustments that can be accompanied by a sense of dread. 

Pamm can help. She will help simplify your needs, adjust your expectations and create Work-Baby-Balance. It takes effort and commitment but you can still be with your baby with the same intention you had the first few weeks of your baby’s life. You need not alter your parenting style or hit the pavement running. You simply have to think smarter and prioritize. If you need community resources Pamm can help. If you need some basic formula or pumping assistance, she's got that too. Bedtime rituals and evening considerations...get started now!

You choose a one-time consult and/or ongoing support at your home. A consult is 2-3 hours. You may choose 2 more visits and receive hands on assistance and revising your original consult. You may choose to have hands-on doula assistance, postpartum care with a Work-Baby-Balance component. Of course, your baby may be well beyond the newborn period. This service is unique to meet your unique needs. Skype and phone consults are available as well.



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